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They have 11 recorded albums and have been dealing with instrumental music around Brazil and the Unites States for two decades, where they crossed towns in 2016 traveling in a motorhome. Now, the sisters from Sao Paulo state Corina (flute), Lia (7 string guitar) and Elisa (mandolin, clarinet, banjo, accordion and piano), from Porto Feliz, release an album, for the first time, without their father’s presence, the percussionist Eduardo Ferreira, dead in 2021, victim of Covid. With the eventual adds of violoncello, cavaquinho and saxophone, the girls can create a sound full of colors, opened and brilliant.




The original compositions, in a universe of so many covers, reinforce the talent of the sisters. Olho de Boi, the name of a kind of jabuticaba (a Brazilian native fruit), was made by Elisa in honor of the grandfather. He used to plant these fruits in his ranch, in Porto Feliz. Olho de Boi is the name of the album and of the pieces that Elisa plays with a tenor banjo.


Alma Portuguesa is a walk through fado, or a flirtation between fado and choro, very possible thanks to the language similarities between the Portuguese guitar and the Brazilian mandolin. Chamber music, Tormenta was made for piano and violoncello. The grandfather had just passed away and Renato Cardoso, the cellist, was returning from a domestic accident. The physical album is already available (ordered on the website but will only be available on streaming platforms on November 24.


A little ahead, the tango Adiós Piazzola comes up, a dramatic piece by Leroy Amendola with a very touching second section, right on Piazzola’s style, for cello, acoustic bass and accordion. Pour Elisa is a choro by the same Leroy e, Para Ninar Meninas, an affectionate piece created by the father that is gone, Eduardo Ferreira. The lyrics that comes up after an introduction made with a music box were made with fragments of phrases that the father used to say to the daughters. Later, everything changes again with the choro Apimentado, by Elisa; with the waltz Graciosa; with maxixe Retreta; and with the traditional jazz Two Friends. They play well in many positions, can create a huge arch of emotions and paint with strong colors. The love that they carry from their lives is in each note. 

Júlio Maria


Sep 2nd, 2022



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