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Choro das 3 is a Brazilian trio of sisters. The trio plays Brazilian instrumental music based on

choro, an instrumental music genre that emerged in Brazil in the 19th century to become the
foundation for all Brazilianmusic. Choro das 3 is playing its eighth tour of the USA beginning

in lateMay 2023.

Of the three sisters inthe band, Corina, the oldest,plays flute and piccolo, Lia plays acoustic 7

string guitar, Elisa, the youngest sister, plays mandolin, clarinet, banjo, piano and accordion.

In Brazil, Choro das 3 has played for presidents and for huge audiences such as São Paulo's

New Year's Eve Party (2 million people). It has been on national TV many times, including the

Jo Soares show (the Brazilian version of "The Tonight Show”).

From 2013 to 2019, Choro das 3 toured in the USA annually.

Reviewers say the band is, “superbly talented,” “cohesive,” “magical” and “beguiling.”

Estado de São Paulo, one of the most important newspapers of Brazil wrote in 2021:

“Magical Choro das 3... They play well in many positions, can create a huge arch of

emotions and paint with strong colors. The love that they carry from their lives is in each note."

Choro das 3 – 2

Renowned musician Mike Marshall says that Choro das 3 plays ". . .

some of the most inspired and inspiring music . . . the highest level of musicianship

and presentation . . . the highest quality of Brazilian Choro music that can be heard any place today."

Choro das 3 has played over 300 USA concerts from Massachusetts to California, from Seattle to Miami. They've played clubs like The Jazz Showcase (Chicago IL), The Jazz Station (Eugene OR), The Metropolitan Room (NYC) and The Nashville Jazz Workshop (Nashville). They've had residencies at US universities such as Roger Williams University, Rhode Island University, Western Oregon University, Eastern Oregon University, Rhodes College, Hope College, University of Memphis, The University of Tennessee at Martin and Florida International University. They performed at the wonderful Shalin Liu Performance Center (Rockport, MA), at Old Town School of Folk Music (Chicago, IL) and The Freight and Salvage (Berkeley, CA). They've played festivals such as MusikFest (Bethlehem,
PA), Festival International de Louisiane (Lafayette, LA), Stowe Jazz Festival (Stowe, VT), David Grisman and Mike Marshall's Mandolin Symposium (Santa Cruz, CA), and Miami GuitART Festival.

Choro das 3 has also toured and performed in Canada, Barbados, Mexico, Portugal,

(Lunel, France), Festival Internacional de Música de Plectro (Gondomar, Portugal), Protagonist ail Mandolino (Modena, Italy), XXI Festival de Plectro (Alcalá de Henares, Spain). The American St. Olaf Orchestra performed one of their original pieces arranged for string orchestra and Brazilian percussion section.

Choro das 3 – 3

Italy, Spain, and France – including appearances at Festival International


The Covid pandemic caused Choro das 3 to cancel plans for their 2020 USA tour. Tragically, Eduardo, the father of the three sisters, lost his life to Covid early in the pandemic, before vaccines were available. Eduardo was the band's percussionist from its founding. He played pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine). Bravely, the sisters resolved to continue as Choro das 3, but they play every song in their father's memory.

During the pandemic, Choro das 3 established a weekly live feed concert on YouTube, each Thursday at 8 PM Brazil time. These on line concerts continue today, frequently attracting over 3,000 simultaneous spectators from around the world.

This year Choro das 3 was named finalist in the Brazilian national Prêmio Profissionais da Música (Music Professionals Award) as the best Choro Group of the country. Elisa was named finalist as best female composer as well.

Choro das 3 has released 11 CDs since 2008 including a solo CD of Elisa playing her original works on piano. Seven others feature original works by the sisters and their musical friends rendered in Brazilian acoustic styles. In 2020, they released their first Christmas album, with Brazilian flavored versions of traditional songs.

These CDs are available at the Choro das 3 Web site.

The 2023 USA Tour

Eduardo taught his daughters that they could do
anything they set their minds on. Guided by this spirit,
Corina, Lia, Elisa, and their mother, Cristina,
in the USA in May with their two dogs, Lola and Bibi.
They plan to drive their motor home over 10,000 km,
from Cape Cod to Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York,

North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois, California,

Oregon, and other states. They intend to prove to the world that

strong, independent women can do a major tour and play great

music in a man's world!

Along the way, they will be posting videos of their tour on the band's YouTube channel, to maintain a connection with their fans around the globe.

They expect the tour will reaffirm the band's connection with life, nature and friends, providing new inspiration and courage for moving forward and composing more original music.

Choro das 3 - Official Videoclips

Choro das 3 - Official Videoclips

Choro das 3 - Official Videoclips
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Chorinho de Primeira! Caxangá - CD Pé de Choro - Choro das 3

Chorinho de Primeira! Caxangá - CD Pé de Choro - Choro das 3

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A incrível valsa do “Paganini Brasileiro” - Quando Me Lembro - Choro das 3 USA Tour 2016

A incrível valsa do “Paganini Brasileiro” - Quando Me Lembro - Choro das 3 USA Tour 2016

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Uma das músicas mais belas da música brasileira! - Rosa (Pixinguinha) | Choro das 3

Uma das músicas mais belas da música brasileira! - Rosa (Pixinguinha) | Choro das 3

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